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Wheeled Artwork

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

By Anna Marco

Wild Bill calls all his paint jobs, “Works of art. They are a combination of custom paint blends, art techniques and commercialism while using product names. The consistency of paint is important in striping; the flow from the amount of paint on brush is key. With overlays, pearl bases and candy jobs, color arrangement is paramount on custom paint schemes. He ran the gamut from restoring Ferraris to a field of racecars and more claiming, “I get bored easily so I painted everything and knew everyone. You could live to be 100 and not have the resume I do.”

Meanwhile, Wild Bill is opinionated as they come and retains his warped sense of humor. His phonebook is the “Who’s’ Who” of the automotive world. To have anything painted by him is to reach the pinnacle of automotive art acquisition. When asked the secret to painting a good lace job he jokes, “Go to the Candy Kat, get a wet panty from a stripper and stick it to the tank.”

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