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Drag Racing Years

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

By Anna Marco

in 1968-69 at San Fernando Valley Raceway and powered that car right off the back end of the track. He also drove for many top teams including Dan Haggerty’s (Grizzly Adams TV fame) who became a lifelong friend. In 1979, Bill was racing and helming his own team and winning “Best Appearing Car” at the 1979 Winter Nationals. When not driving racecars, he was painting famous ones for Shirley Muldowney, Ed McCullough, Mondello-Matsubara, Tony Nancy, Tommy Larkin, Don Prudhomme (Skoal Bandit/Snake & Mongoose), Pennzoil’s Chaparral cars (Jim Hall) and Joe Paisano’s “Paisano” funny car for Venolia Pistons. He restored paint for The Stone Age Man and The Iron Horse stating, “I am particular about which car to paint. You have to have respect for it. I got my nickname painting and driving drag cars. Watson said, “You are wild, Bill! You crazy Mofo… painting those... and then driving them!”

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