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Hot Rods & Customs

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

By Anna Marco

Back in the day, Bill had to paint and stripe everything from the simplest project to the most complex: ”meaning as complex as you wanted it.” He was repeatedly called to restore and/or repaint vehicles he originally worked on such as The Orbitron (alongside Larry Watson) and Dick Harding’s The Backup Pickup Wheelstander Ford Econoline (with driver George Tuers), both of which are now owned by Galpin Motorsports. Other projects included bikes for Cole Foster (Salinas Boys), Ferraris, Funny Cars and custom jobs for private clientele. CarterPro Paint was a busy custom paint shop operated by Bill in the 1960s and with his own line of commercially available paint product. He still calls his custom mixes “Billy Brew” and once painted so many bikes that they were parked in a production line. The shop was located in Van Nuys, CA. where legendary painter/stripers Walt Prey (he painted the famed Gypsy Rose lowrider) and MarioGomez (Candy Factory/lowrider fame/Lifestyles CC) worked under Bill’s guidance. There, fantastic creations were born as seen on Rudy & Linda Reyes’ 1965 Chevy Impala (purple lace/pearl/candy) and Howard Gribble’s 1969 Buick Riviera (Candy Burgundy flake with veiling.)

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