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Updated: Oct 16, 2020

By Anna Marco

Wild Bill Carter is the fastest paint gun in the west!

West Coast Legend

As colorful as the notorious namesake of western lore, custom car

painter/biker/drag racer/apprentice of Larry Watson… Wild Bill Carter has had an

exciting and illustrious career. To many in the custom car scene he is known as

“Wild Bill” The fastest gun in the West. Paint gun that is. Bill has applied an

endless list of color schemes to various car canvases including

dragsters/racecars/planes/custom bikes/custom boats/exotic cars and more. He

has rubbed shoulders with famed racers and actors along the way such as

James Garner, Dan Haggerty, Chuck Connors, Don Prudhomme and the

prankster of drag racing, TV Tommy Ivo. To say Bill Carter has “influenced” the

lowrider scene, motorcycle circuit, and drag races with his creativity is a gross

understatement. This man is a master of his craft, an icon and a custom paint


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